• Born-Free: Motorcycle Show Book

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Born-Free: Motorcycle Show Book

Born-Free is a real Woodstock motorcycle scene. Each season, an amazing community of custom and classic motorcycling celebrates a shared passion to build and ride a two-wheeler.


The book "Born-Free" was created by the DicE magazine, born in London in 2004. The first DicE copy was released by two motorcycle enthusiasts: Matt Davis and Dean Micetich. Unfortunately, after a long battle against the disease, Matt Davis has left for us, but his legacy is still ongoing, and DicE is continued by Dean in sunny Los Angeles.



A must have for any fan of classic motorbikes.



  • book in English language
  • hard cover
  • 320 pages of greasy content
  • size: 28 x 21.5 cm
  • Release date: May 2018

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A brilliant, uncompromising publication of unique books on various topics. Their best known items from the automotive world include: The Ride, The Drive and Off The Road. What mainly distinguishes their books apart from greasy content are impeccable quality photographs immortalizing the best moments of life.


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