• Our philosophy

The idea of Seventy Nine Point Co. was born from a passion to motorbikes and faith in classic motorcycling. If you have similarly, then you know what we are talking about. A motorcycle is not only a means of transport, it is much more than that. It's a symbol, philosophy, identity. Motorcycling doesn't end with the season, because the weather is no longer favorable to us. Motorcycling is with us all the time.

In the selection of the assortment as well as in creating our own collection we get inspired by the fashion of 70s and 80s. We want to refute the image of a stereotypical motorcyclist and reach people for whom the safety, functionality and comfort go hand in hand with quality and style. Seveny Nine Point Co is a fully-fledged lifestyle and clothing brand where the slogan that accompanies us in everyday life is "less is more" - and so far we have not disappointed on it.

We cooperate with brands and suppliers offering the highest quality, and all our products - especially T-shirts, sweatshirts and longsleeves - are produced in Łódź in our family company with over 25 experienced experiences. Purchase of material, cutting, sewing, printing, to wrap in foil - those everything happens in Łódź or its surroundings. Moreover, all graphics are designed in close cooperation with Polish artists and we are proud that everything that comes out of our hands has been 100% made locally and is been manufactured here in Poland.

And of course, we still trying to get better and better because we want to meet your expectations.

We count on you and your support

⚡️In classic we trust!⚡️